Shake it off…

Well I wasn’t sure about writing this post but to quote Taylor Swift “haters gonna hate” so stuff it.

(NB: Let me start by saying this is not an advert, I could go down the route of trying to sell this stuff but I’ve enough going on in my life at the mo! People choose what works for them. As with everything on this blog I’m giving you my experiences.)

I’ve blogged recently that I’ve been struggling to focus with my nutrition and because of that I’ve had zero motivation with exercise. I mean I know “what” to do but knowing and doing have become two very different things. I know cleaning eating works but when you’re rushing out the door to drop kids at childminder at 7.30am you just don’t eat breakfast. Because realistically you’re rushing to get everyone else ready. You can’t get up earlier than 6 because you’ve been woken up several times  by the smallest person so you sacrifice breakfast. But then by 8am you’re starving so you rely on drive-thru fast food and the cycle becomes impossible to break. And then it becomes a cycle of “well I screwed breakfast up, might as well have something quick for lunch” and you start eating rubbish for lunch and then you start down the route of “I’ve eaten crap for breakfast, crap for, let’s have a takeaway for tea whilst we watch some celebrity eat a kangaroo bumhole while two Geordie lads stand about wetting themselves laughing”.

“What are you having for tea” mum would say “oh just grilled chicken and potatoes” I’d say, which was code for chicken kebab and chips, I wasn’t lying as such, more bending the truth! And you know it’s wrong because the food is shocking and unhealthy and expensive but you start visiting different outlets so the same staff don’t recognise you and that’s when you know enough is enough. (I’d love to pretend I was exagerating but actually I’m embarrassed to admit it had got THAT bad!)

So I’d been talking to my lovely colleague Cathie about my lack of energy, crap eating, sore joints, zero exercise and Cathie, who is a total Herbalife nut said “try our shakes for breakfast, I reckon just changing your breakfast you’ll notice a huge difference in your energy levels” Now, l fobbed her off for a few weeks 1) I’ve always been told Herbalife is a source of evil 2) I don’t like milk, why would I want a shake? 3) I did Slim-fast once 13 years ago and decided it was lovely with icecream in which kinda wasn’t the point!

So after a few weeks of fobbing Cathie off she said “just try the 6 day breakfast trial, 6 days a shake for breakfast, £10, it will change your life”. So I thought “well I’m not getting anywhere myself, I need to break the cycle, it can’t be any worse then what I’m eating now, I’ll try it, just to prove to myself it’s not for me”.

I have to admit I was a little excited when the pack arrived, maybe it was the whole “fresh start” I mean after all Cathie has had brilliant results, she looks amazing! She is fit and doing running and all sorts, so it could be the kickstart I need right?

So in my pack was 3 sachets of vanilla and 3 sachets of cookies and cream. Brill they sound like do-able flavours. So next morning I got up and tried Vanilla. I sniffed the powder, it smelled like a vanilla biscuit, ok I can do this. I mixed the shake with milk. Took a sip. “ok it’s not amazing but not awful, I can do this.” I had a bit more “ugh this isn’t going down to well”, I got a third of the way through the shake before I threw up (I mean literally!) Not the best start. “How did it go, did you love it?” said Cathie, “er not exactly” LOL

No matter I’ll give the other flavour a try tomorrow I thought. So it took me a few days to build up the courage to try Cookies and Cream and whilst not quite the disaster of barfy vanilla, it still wasn’t great. “Mix it with chocolate soya milk” said Cathie. So I dutifully bought some UHT Alpro and it was better but still not amazing (for me).

But something was telling me if I could make it with chocolate shake powder and the milk, I’d be ok. So bizarrly despite the dodgy trial I thought I’d give chocolate F1 shake a go. I also switched to fresh chocolate alpro soya milk. Well ladies and gents, COMPLETE GAME CHANGER. I can only describe it as like drinking unset chocolate angel delight (which I think I probably have done at some point in my life!)

I’ve also been drinking the Herbalife tea (initally I tried the lemon flavour which is ok, just tried raspberry this morning and LOVE that) I’m not normally a hot drink drinker but I have to say these are giving me an energy boost. I don’t claim to know what is in them BUT they are making a difference to me and giving me a kick and for now that is what I need.

So with this Herbalife (and I’m not revealing any secrets you can find this all out on their website) for weight loss you have 2 shakes (breakfast, lunch, 2 protein based snacks and then a healthy dinner.  Yes it sounds very similar to another well known shake brand but for whatever reason I am finding this more sustainable. I originally thought I’d just do breakfasts but actually for me it is turning out to be so easy  I’ve decided this week to switch to the full program and so far I’m loving it.

Cathie had some special scales she weighed me on which did strange calculations and told me I was 50 years old! (I’m only 35 LOL!) I’m not sure I totally believe in the accuracy of such things BUT I’ll let you know (TBF I had been feeling more like an 80 year old!)

I’ve tried the mint chocolate shake this week too (again made with my beloved chocolate soya milk) and it is BEAUTIFUL! Like  unset mint choc angel delight LOL I think straight chocolate is my favourite but the mint makes a lovely change too. (Theres also vitamins and fibre etc but I’ll blog about that another day) There are clever things you can do like adding other ingredients to change the flavours etc but for now I’m keeping it simple LOL

I am well aware that some people maybe “disappointed” in me that I have gone down the Herbalife route, I mean afterall I was such a champion for clean eating before and I still am, I mean I know that works and my evening meals still centre around that but for me at this point in my life it wasn’t working, not because the food wasn’t working but the logistics of making it fit in. I needed to break that cycle of bad habits and I was ordering lots of fresh nutrious food to make lovely clean breakfasts & lunches then not using it because it was just too time consuming. I probably will go back to that at some point in the furture but for now I need my choices to work for me.

Herbalife isn’t cheap but then takeaways and crap fast food are not cheap either.

Have I noticed a difference? Yes even in this short space of time, I have lost some weight and I feel more “zingy”. I have found I feel more motivated to do the school run and whilst it is very early days, I feel I have just a little spring in my step which wasn’t there a few weeks ago. Placebo or genuine reaction? who knows, I guess time will tell but for now I will take it.

So there you have it, my little secret is out!! Like I said at the top, this isn’t me trying to push you to try it, but I wanted to share my experience.

And if you’re sat there reading this and feeling disappointed in me for going down this route then as I said at the start “haters gonna hate”.

H x



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