Times are changing…

Wow, not posted in ages. So much has changed since I last posted.

Over May half term I attended my Puddle Ducks Baby & Preschool training course. 5 intensive days with 2 fab tutors and 7 brill trainees. Then when I got back 2 weeks of super intense co-teaching (aka on the job training) followed by a rigorous assessment. (I got through the assessment so I am now qualified to teach Puddle Ducks baby and preschool swimming lessons. The following day I undertook my first solo classes. So it has been a manic old time. It is fair to say fitness and health has not even been on my radar. I’ve skipped training sessions, eaten rubbish and generally put all my energy in to getting through the Puddle Ducks assessment.

And now it has all died down I’ve taken stock of finances and realised I am skint, like super skint. So I’ve taken the very tough decision to part ways with my trainer after 3+years. To say I am gutted is an understatement. It has been an epic journey but life changes and I’m not in the same financial position I was 3 years ago.

That said, maybe this isn’t a bad thing. After all, they say a change is as good as a rest! I have come to realise how much knowledge I have acquired and also I now know that I do love fitness and eating healthily an I CAN do it. It has given me an opportunity to realise that whilst I might not be where I want to be, I have come a very, very long way.

So now I need to take charge of my own health & fitness. I wish Jason all the best for the future, it has been an epic journey, I’ve changed a lot and learnt heaps, I definitely couldn’t have done that without him. But for now I need to find a different way of working on my health & fitness that fits with how my life has changed.

Onwards & upwards.

H x