24kg_1My god. 24kg is bloody hard work. I knew I had to do a kettlebell session tonight. I didn’t do it last night and I like to do 2 sessions minimum on my own each week. Last night was an unmitigated children’s bedtime disaster, so it just didn’t happen. So I knew I had to do the work tonight and I really didn’t want to. I mean, I’d had a less than successful morning co-teaching for my new job, so realistically all I wanted to do was cry in to a bowl of macaroni cheese and then eat chocolate torte, an entire one to myself,  whilst watching the demise of Peggy Mitchell. It wasn’t made any easier by the fact a 24kg kettlebell swing is now part of my routine. 24kg is really bloody heavy! So I wasn’t relishing the idea of this particular routine, at all.

You see that is what is different to when I joined a gym many years ago. Back in about 2006 I joined a gym. I used to arse about on a few machines, walk on a treadmill, yep walk, not even run! I never even broke a sweat. If whilst using the crazy weights machines I felt even remotely uncomfortable, I’d stop, telling myself it was my body’s way of saying slow down. I mean seriously any slower and I’d have been going backwards. After a while the gym became a boring place and I sacked it off, told myself I was way too busy anyway.

But now I know aside from seeing results, if I want any kind of satisfaction & sense of achievement, I have to push beyond my comfort zone (sorry, I IMG_20160517_202054042hate that phrase!) I have to sweat, get out of breath, feel nauseous, feel burning and aching muscles. And do you know something I might feel like I am about to die but I do take a lot of pride in knowing I am making progress, more reps, heavier weights, shorter rest periods, more sets. So yes, I did feel a little smug swinging 24kg about in the gym while other gym goers eyed me up suspiciously, yes I actually do know what I am doing, I’m focussed and I can do this shit. (NB I didn’t feel quite so smug doing squats with 2 x 12kg  kettlebells in the rack position because that is really hard work!)

So yeah, I don’t always feel like it, but once I drag my arse off the sofa and I do my thing, I feel frickin awesome! Who’d have though, little me swinging about heavy things, getting sweaty and loving it!!

H x


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