Well done Hannah!

Just a quick post today. My mate Hannah who I have known for donkeys years started her own journey in the new year. She’s been hitting the gym, working with her PT called Dan and sorting her nutrition out.

I’d not seen Hannah since August 2015 and when I saw her recently (over Easter) the change was incredible! Not just aesthetically but also mentally. She was like a positive ball of energy and the progress she has made so far has been awesome.

I don’t think she’ll mind me saying this but me and Hannah are cut from a very similar cloth. Both disliked PE at school, both struggled with weight for one reason and another, both tried a variety of ways to lose weight.

I know how hard it is to take that step when you have tried multiple things before and you feel like it will never happen. I know how daunting it is and how you have to really give your head a shake and forget the past and push through the pain, discomfort & self conciousness. It isn’t easy, at all. But Hannah is doing it and know she still has goals she wants to achieve but she’s doing so well, I just wanted to give her a bit of a mention.

I’m struggling at the moment but seeing Hannah and her progress so far has given me hope that’ll get back to it. I’ve had more downs than ups recently but for every knock, I’ve got back up and carried on. Eventually I’ll stay up!

Well done Hannah!

H xx

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