Ok I’m annoying myself now.

If I have a normal, mundane week I can eat well and train no problems. So why is it when I have a slightly out of the ordinary week I can’t??  I mean, I have all the right intentions, I plan my meals, I still plan my workouts etc But when it comes to the crunch I don’t do it.

excuseTake last week. Last week I was on a 3 day Baby & Preschool Swimming teacher course  and then OH was away at a conference in Galway the 2nd half of the week. I’d sat down the week before and planned all my meals and snacks, considered how I could cook things the night before and take with me on the training and then I’d planned to do some catch up training sessions after the course had finished.  But it just didn’t happen. I ended up eating “fast food” each day ( I bloody love Subway!) and snacking on Twix bars (you don’t want to know how many Twix I consumed in 3 days. And I had takeaways etc when I had loads of food in the fridge. (Disclaimer, mum did cook some healthy stuff while she stayed so it wasn’t all bad!)  Then Friday we drove to Southampton for an engagement party Saturday and then drove back Sunday, and it is fair to say we didn’t eat well yesterday at all!

Now in my defence, my course was stressful and exhausting, I had zero energy last week, so I can kinda get maybe not doing the sessions BUT that is no excuse for my eating.

Safe to say the scales gave me a bit of a punch in the face this morning. I’m not upset, it is what it is and ultimately it is my own fault but I am annoyed at myself. I’m annoyed because whilst I know you can’t be perfect  or even near perfect all the time but there were things I could have done differently. I don’t know if I’m just bone idle  or I’m being to my harsh on myself. All I know is recently, “normal” mundane weeks are becoming few and far between and therefore whilst I could get away with the odd crappy day or even week, it seems to be more and more and it is hampering my progress. So I can’t keep having these “i’ve got a billion excuses” weeks.

H xx

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