Family of kettlebells…

IMG_5333My little family of kettlebells are feeling very unloved this week. 😦 I’ve not picked them up other than to move them in nearly 2 weeks 😦

It is a combination of me being poorly, kids being poorly and OH being away at a conference.

I am supposed to be training at 7am tomorrow morning and tbh it is touch and go whether I will as atm I sound like a man (this is not a side affect of lifting heavy things, I’ve just had a nasty sore throat!)

I find this frustrating, I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy want to train, I am missing it (which is good tbh as that tells me I am back on it) but my stupid immune system has let me down. Everytime I feel like I am making progress something stops me in my tracks and being poorly means I haven’t eaten as brill as I could. Not awful but not great.

So I am really hoping I can train tomorrow, because at this rate my kettlebells will up and leave to find a new person to live with!

H xx

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