Finally! I finally feel like I am making some tangible progress!! It has been hard coming from a position where before I got pregnant I was using the squat rack at the gym and squatting with a stupidly heavy bar on my shoulders, or doing burpees and not dying or starting to do man press-ups etc to then gaining a lot of weight, and not doing much fitness to having to start again. And whilst I may not have started from scratch and had some technique to build on etc it has been a long slog and hasn’t felt like much progress over the last year.

But there has been progress, a lot of mental progress and getting back to the right head space (which took considerably longer than me or my trainer/coach/yoda anticipated) but now I finally feel like I am making visible progress. Today I’ve upped the reps in my routine, I’ve added a new exercise, single arm kettlebell clean and press, and do you know what? It felt like I grasped it reasonably quick.

I feel like my confidence is coming back, so I am asking questions about technique (rather than just trying to bash a routine out) and also I’ve noticed I’m not aware of the weights so much, which means I can focus on technique & form and I’m self correcting.

Feels good to be making progress. Eek so excited for the future!!!!

H x

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