See! No rush!

The other day I posted this Http://

And I’ve just read this by the lovely Melanie Kaye 

You see, it’s not a race. Even when you get that magic green light, you still need to take it steady. 

Apart from the fact I had a csection, I had diastasis recti aka abdominal separation during my pregnancy with the boy, so last thing I needed to be doing was crunches, even lifting heavy stuff was out the question, something which I love doing. The first few weeks training I was literally doing hip bridges  and working very gently on strengthening and stabilising everything with advice from my coach and a physio. 

It was frustrating beyond belief. I wanted to be back doing burpees and lifting heavy stuff. But I’ve enough sense to listen to ppl who know what they’re on about. 

I’ll be honest the frustration combined with stress of selling our house means I didn’t eat well at all. So on top of very gentle exercise and not smashing it I gained a lot of weight but it’s done. No point beating myself up over it. 

My advice to new mums is

  1. Don’t stress about weight gain 
  2. Eat well because that’ll make a huge difference even if you’re doing minimal exercise
  3. Exercise in line with what is physically achievable, what your body is able to cope with 
  4. Listen to experts & professionals
  5. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop, get advice

But my biggest bit of advice is ‘DON’T BE PRESSURED’ to lose weight, tone up or look a certain way. You are amazing, you carried a little bambino for months. Fitness and weight loss will come, don’t stress. 

H xx 

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