Bruce Bogtrotter

bruceI kid you not, this DECHOX is proving harder than I anticipated. “Give up chocolate for a whole month, I eat clean anyway, no problem!” WRONG!

See what I hadn’t realised is how much chocolate I had been eating. Chocolate had become a habit, eating it because that is what I do rather than eating it because I either need or want it.

I’m only on day 7 and there have been a number of certain situations where I’ve thought “oh I’ll just go grab x (insert chocolate bar here), oh I can’t, DECHOX!” Cue next 3 hours feeling really pissed off that I can’t just go and eat whatever bar of chocolate I want. I’ve realised I’ve been doing this out of habit and not even logging it in my food log because actually it has become so ingrained in my habits that I’ve not even noticed! That is both bizzarre and terrifying in equal measure, the thought that something is so habit based, I’d not even notice I was eating it!

I’m hoping that the month long break from chocolate will give me a chance to reset my habits and form new ones. Chocolate is not a bad food, it is a type of food but like any food it is all about moderation!

So yes, the DECHOX is not as straight forward but it has been beneficial in opening my eyes!

If you’d like to sponsor me then you can do so here

All money raised is greatly appreciated and is going to British Heart Foundation. Thank you to those who sponsored me last week, I REALLY appreciate it (you know who you are!)

H xx


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