It’s not a bloody race…

Image courtesy of patrisyu at
Image courtesy of patrisyu at

Alright peeps. I’m pissed off, really pissed off. I’m sick of seeing things in media, on facebook, comments from friends etc about baby weight. If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get back in to your jeans virtually straight after birth bravo! I’m not on about you.

I’m on about the unrealsitc expectations that we must start shedding the pounds and fitting back in our skinny jeans ASAP.

When a ‘celeb’ gets pregnant all the press go on about is how much weight she is gaining, when z-list baby finally makes an appearance it is all about how will she shed the pounds, then its following her every move, passing judgement on every little thing she does or doesn’t do. Then inevitably there will be a glossy spread in some crappy magazine 1 or 2 months down the line where she will boast about how she was in the gym 5 billion times a day and eating celery. Feck off.

I saw an ad on Facebook today for a personal trainer based in Sheffield today and it was wanging on about postnatal training, how they’d help you shed the baby weight and literally there were hundreds of people tagging women. If someone had tagged me in that post I’ve have hit them in a face with a kettlebell “Here you go old love, you’ve let yourself go, better get training” Piss off.

Why are we so obssessed with people losing baby weight anyway?? I mean seriously??

My one and only goal is to get fit and healthy. To help my kids to be fit and healthy. I couldn’t give a shiny shit that 18 months on I am still not back in my pre-pregnancy jeans. It’ll happen when it happens. I couldn’t care less what the number on the scales is saying at the moment. All I’m worried about is feeling better and being able to do the school run withouth getting puffed out. Don’t get me wrong I have other goals about what weight kettlebells I can lift or how many reps I can do, whether I can ever do a hill sprint BUT not for aesthetic reasons, for health reasons.

Why does no one ever say “Wow look at that mummy, she is preparing nutrious food for her family and getting fit, she’s awesome!” or “Ooh she’s ace, she can run around that soft play without breaking a sweat” or “Look she’s playing footie with her kids in the park, how ace is she?” No because everyone is bloody obsessed with whether she’s in her bloody skinny jeans or not.

Why is it always “wow she got super thin 2 weeks after giving birth, she’s a fucking hero”??

And this isn’t a criticism of all you slim jims at all, far from it. I just don’t get why there is so much pressure on weight and aesthetics, rather than health & happiness.

So I’ll keep plugging away, getting fit, cooking good food, training, having the occassional fuck up then getting back to it.  Getting back to my pre-pregnancy clothes will come, when it comes. I’ll not be forcing it. It’ll be a bi-product of being fit and health, and that, my friends, is far more important to me.

H x

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