If I told you…

IMG_4929… you just wouldn’t understand.

This is me after my training session today. There are very few people who get why I do, what I do.

“why you doing that?” “ugh why don’t you just do xyz?” “join a gym” “what’s the point?” “what a waste of time/money” “I’d rather be fat/watch corrie/eat chocolate” etc

I could spend hours explaining why I do what I do. I could tell you about how far I have come, the progress I am making mentally as well as physically. I could tell you I am not the same person I was 3 years ago, about how much I’ve grown as a person. But to be honest, this is nothing like most people will ever attempt. Unless you’ve tried it yourself you will  be unlikely to ever understand.

But one thing I will say is, understand that it is important to me. I enjoy this kind of training and I am making progress, getting stronger mentally & physically. I’m getting healthier and fitter. It isn’t easy, some days it is really bloody hard but it is what I do. So don’t tell me I’m crazy, daft, that I should do xyz instead. Just support me, encourage me.

H x

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