Today I need a bit of motivational fairy dust…

fairy-dust-fairies-17694885-500-667So the type of training I do is not ‘girly’. It isn’t pink and fluffy. There’s cold and rain and mud and slugs and worms and thorny bushes. It’s uncomfortable and pushes you mentally & physically. Jason isn’t the sort of ‘Woo yeah, come on you can do it!’ kind of trainer. He doesn’t skip about in lycra either. Don’t get me wrong you get praise when it is due but he doesn’t pay lip service to make your ego feel better. And I bloody love it. I don’t think I could stick it if he was sickenly positive all the time, that might work for some but not me. Life isn’t all Disney, there aren’t little forrest animals skipping about singing and cleaning my kitchen. (I bloody wish there was!) So to me my training shouldn’t reflect that either. And I don’t mean I want someone barking orders at me, making me cry (although that has happened in several training sessions LOL) and telling me I’m a loser either. Just realism. That’ll do me.

But just occassionally you need a bit of sparkly motivational fairy dust. I’m a having a self indulgent, woah is me kinda morning. I’ve got a splitting headache, I ache all over, my throat appears to be making a bid for freedom through my ears. I want to curl up under my duvet and sleep (unlikely with a nearly 18 month old trashing my house and shouting ‘car car!’ at me!)

I’ve just done the school run and I don’t know what the weather is like where you are today but its raining and freezing here, I had right brain freeze. But I took the long way home. Ok it isn’t a session flinging kettlebells around but it is better than nothing and today is about my limit.

And I know this post will generate a lot of ‘you should rest up, sack it off for a day’ etc missing one session won’t hurt but honestly this fitness lark, once you get in to it is like being a crack addict. You need your next fix and if for whatever reason you don’t get it, you feel shit, mentally & physically.

So you see, I don’t need the fairydust this morning to motivate me to do a session. I need the fairydust to motivate me that it is ok to rest and I can just crack on again tomorrow. I need the fairy dust to motivate me that ok I might not do kettlebells today but I’ve done the school run, despite the freezing wet conditions and that I can have a day eating clean and it doesn’t need to be a total write-off. I don’t need to say ‘oh well, no kettlebells, lets have chips and chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner!’ Because that for me is the hardest bit of all this. Staying motivated to eat well even when you’re not training.

H xx

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