Not every session is perfect…


IMG_4655I’ve had a really good run recently. Several smashing sessions, I’ve been up for it, motivated, focussed, back on form, positive, pushing it etc but it is inevitable that not all sessions are like this, no matter how much you want them to be.

Today was one of those sessions.

I went to bed late, I didn’t sleep brilliantly, got up late, felt nauseous, was still half asleep. Yoda arrived at 7am bang on the dot and I just felt sleepy and out of sorts.

The first set was a shocker. I was hazy, sleepy, couldn’t focus, couldn’t remember what I was doing, “Clean up, ok, right, what? How do I do that again?”

The second set was better and the third set better again (although not up to the standard of previous weeks).

Everyone has duff sessions now and again the difference is what you do after it? You could throw a strop, eat cake, pizza, crisps, chocolate and then sack off tomorrows session (I have definitely done this on more than 1 occasion!) ooooorrrrr you could chalk it up to experience, learn from it, move on and do a belter of a session tomorrow.

So what have I learnt? Go to bed earlier, get up earlier to give myself chance to wake up and engage brain LOL

I actually feel surprisingly good about the session today, it wasn’t perfect, in fact it was a long way from perfect BUT I feel ok about chalking it up to experience and doing a better one tomorrow. Pre-Christmas a session like today would have sent me spiralling in to a frustrated, out of control strop. No session will ever be perfect, some sessions will be better than others but it is about what you do next  that counts.

Tomorrow is another day!

H x

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