It has been a long time coming but today is the first day since before I found out I was pregnant in December 2013 where I have felt I have made any kind of progress.

“We need to up the reps”, “we need to increase the weight”, “get hold of a 20kg kettlebell” were all phrases uttered in my session today and it felt gooooood!

I felt absolutely shocking this morning (lack of sleep thanks to a poorly boy), I felt like I’d been out on the lash but with non of the fun! So I wasn’t expecting a great deal but we tried new things, I did more reps, I felt focussed. I’m pretty much sorted with my swings, so we’re looking at single arm swings, I’m getting the hand of the kettlebell ‘clean’ (this does not involve polishing ones kettlebells!), bent over rows are gonna take a little more work but thats ok. Finally I am moving forward and I am about at the point I was last time in terms of weights I can fling about. (just need my waistline to catch up!) but I think that is finally begining to happen (slowly!)

There have been days, weeks and even months where I have been doubting that I could get anywhere close to where I was last time but I “think” it is finally coming together.

I’m excited for the future!

H x

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