You’ve got the fear…

So tonight I have my outdoor training session, away from the house. Not my normal day, normally I would have this session on a Wednesday but I’ve had to swap to today this week. Saturday and yesterday I was totally up for this session. But the closer this session gets the bigger the sense of fear and foreboding.

I can’t put my finger on why. I know that once I get in to the session itself I’ll love it, I know the high I’ll get from it will be awesome. But still I am fearful of these outdoor sessions.

I’m told by my coach/PT/Yoda whatever you want to call him that fear & anxiety is normal and should be embraced. If you do things out of your comfort zone then the things that were once an issue become insignificant and not the problems you once thought they were.

I quite often get people say to me, “I couldn’t do what you do, I would hate it, I wouldn’t enjoy it, I would be scared” etc. and what I would say is yes I do love what I do (once I’m there), but Christ sometimes it takes a fair bit of willpower to even go to the sessions. Some times you have to ignore the fear and take a bit of a leap of faith that it’ll all be ok.

And in the words of Ian Brown:

“Forget everything and remember
For everything, a reason”

H x

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