Training outdoors is hard. Fact.

So nearly 3 years ago I started on this fitness “journey” (yeah sorry!) I stumbled in to a shiny gym in the middle of Barnsley, signed myself up with the intention of “just swimming”, met a superstar PT (who now would say he isn’t a PT, not sure what to refer to him as? Coach? Guru? Yoda? Ahem I digress) , got a bit addicted to lifting heavy shit, lost loads of weight, got fit, got healthy, got pregnant, got super stressed, had baby, got even more stressed, packed the weight on, added some more stress by moving house  and finally I’m just about out of the dark side and am getting back to training.

Except as I’ve told you before this time is different. For one, the training is outdoors. Yep literally in the cold, wet, muddy outdoors. And I’ll tell you something, that is  1 million times harder to motivate yourself.

You see the gym is shiny, temperature regulated luxury and you go, do your thing, whether that’s circuits, weights, weird machines, or some kind of class, then you go for a little swim, you maybe go in the jacuzzi then the sauna, you then have a bolting hot shower (if the showers are working properly), then you dry your hair with a hair dryer, maybe straighten it, pop your make up on, maybe have a little chill out with a coffee in the cafe etc etc

But outdoors is different. The temperature can be whatever the hell it likes (for the record I much prefer winter outdoors training, than summer when its hot and sunny LOL), its uncomfortable, its muddy, it’s slippy, the ground is uneven (lunges are so much harder on uneven ground!). It is just so much harder to motivate yourself. BUT the pay off is amazing. Weirdly despite all the ‘uncomfortableness’ I feel a zillion times better for being outside. It must be the greenery and fresh air or something, but it is a lot more refreshing. I don’t feel as groggy after I train.

But yes, it takes a lot more focus to get my bum outside and doing my stuff.

H x

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