Crochet Mood Blanket…


What has crochet got to do with fitness?

Last year, I taught myself to crochet (with a lot of help from turns out crochet is good for calming down when you are stressed (a bit like fitness!)

So this year I have decided to crochet a mood blanket. Basically you select a number of balls of yarn, associate a mood with each colour and then you crochet coloured squares depending on your mood, the idea being that at the end of the year you have a blanket that reflects your moods. You can do a square a day (beyond me atm LOL) or  square a week. You make a blanket from squares (granny squares are my square of choice) or rows so each square is a colour reflecting your mood or each row.

So I’ve decided 1 square a day is too much crochet commitment for me but 1 square a week is not enough, so I’ve gone for 2 times a week.

My first square last Saturday was RED, angry (not a great start to the year!) but my square for Wednesday and today are PINK for happy! (well they will be when I have finished this blog post and sat down to crochet them!) It is no coincidence my 2 happy squares have come on days I’ve trained. I’ve had 2 really great training sessions in a row, I’m feeling awesome and more like where I left off 2 years ago.Training leaves me buzzing to the point I just want everyone to do it, just feel the absolute high you get from it.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy, especially hauling your ass out of bed at 6am on a Saturday so you can fling kettlebells round the garden at 7am with your PT. But the sense of achievement and the high it gives you afterwards is incredible!

Maybe at my 90 day check in, I’ll show you my progress, of my fitness and my mood blanket, at this rate the blanket is gonna be predominantly pink!

H x


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