It’s perfectly acceptable…

… to wear your your Christmas pyjamas in January because I bought a size 20. And this time next year I won’t be a size 20. So I need to get the use out of them while I can!  

In fact, this week I have finally bitten the bullet and filled in my outcome  form for my PT Jason. He’s only been asking for it for about 2 months but I wasn’t ready to commit on paper, once you write it down you’ve gotta follow through,but I’m ready now.

The outcome form involves looking at what I want to achieve. I’ve said in the first instance I want to be consistently in size 18 clothes. These jarmies are size 20 but if I’m honest I coulda done with a 22. So essentially I wanna drop 2 dress sizes in 3 months. Totally achievable. So I need to get the use out of these jarmies before they’re too big for me.

I’ll hold on to them and keep trying them to check my progress.

H xx


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