Your inner voice

I’ve seen a lot on the Internet about listening to your inner voice, “listen to your inner voice”, “Your inner voice will tell you what to do” etc But I have a theory that you have two inner voices.

Take this morning. I’ve mapped out on a little timetable when I am going to do my work outs at home. My workouts with my PT are easy, they are scheduled in and apart from norovirus or possibly death, there is no getting out of them. But for a few months I’ve been struggling to do my home workouts. When I was teaching, I had a timetable, everything was structured and I planned in my workouts. I just did them, because I was so short on time, if I stopped and thought about it I’d have put it off.

Now I’m a stay at home mum, I weirdly have more time but equally more opportunity to put things off because my inner voice has been telling me “oh I’m feeling crappy/Alexander has woken 1 billion times, I’m too tired/I’ve done the school run thats enough for 1 day , I’ll do my workout tomorrow” and before you know it a whole week has passed. So I’ve had to timetable the workouts in but the issue is sticking to it.

For months my inner voice has said “screw the timetable, you’re a stay at home mum, just do it another day!”

But this morning it was 5.30am and I laid in bed listening to the pouring rain, I knew it was cold. But my other inner voice finally shouted loud enough “If you skip this one, you won’t get started this week, suck it up, haul your ass outta bed and get this shit done!” (Sorry mum, it was my inner voice that swore, not me!)

And for the first time in a year I finally listened to my other inner voice and got out of bed. I was in the garden at 6am. It was cold, dark, wet but I was there doing my thing (and feeling slightly nauseous LOL)

So my point is, you have 2 inner voices, but which one are you prepared to listen to? The one who will tell you what to do for a comfy, easy life or the one who knows truly what is best for you?

H x

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