Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Pork Loin

I am not usually bothered about pork, I’d pick chicken or beef first. But I really fancied a change. This recipe is easy, and I mean SUPER EASY! It is yummy too, like surprisingly yummy. I was a bit worried the pork would turn out dry but it was moist and delicious.

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You could serve it with what ever sides you like. I had mashed swede and veggies.

We had enough left over to have the next day, as cold cuts for dinner.

H x


Paleo Cashew Chicken


This is a really simple and tasty recipe. It tastes exactly like takeaway Chinese chicken and cashew nuts but is much healthier.

We served it with courgette spirals avoiding the need for egg noodles or rice although if you weren’t strictly following paleo they would work well with this dish.

I only used 1/4 tsp of hot chilli powder as I was cooking for my husband who doesn’t do hot, but if you like your food spicy it could take being upped to your liking.

H x