It’s time.

So I’ve just done my before pics. Apparently these had to be done in a sports bra and shorts. Having looked at them and the ones I did in a top and trackie bottoms I can see why.

The ones in bra and shorts are nothing short of horrific you can see exactly the issues. I knew my stomach was massive but my arms and thighs are bigger than I thought and I’ve got more rolls on my back than a bakers. Maybe I’ve not been looking closely enough recently but my skin is dull and I am carrying a lot of excess weight. Katie Hopkins would bloody love me!

But here’s the thing. I’ve done the worst bit. I’ve faced reality. I’ve had a year a good 9 months of indulgence but now it’s time to woman up. The purpose of these pics is not to beat myself up, what is done is done. The purpose is to allow me to see what I need to do and then in a few weeks, months, years remind myself of how far I’ve come.

I am in no doubt I can get myself to where I want to be and probably beyond. It won’t be easy by a long way but I know I can.

It’s time.

H x

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