Giddy, giddy, giddy.

I’m a right little giddy kipper today. Had my first proper postnatal session today with my PT (JForce Fitness) and I feel so motivated it is untrue! I am really up for this.

We went through a whole bunch of simple exercises that I need to be doing every day to help sort out the diastasis recti and my abs in general.

I keep thinking about how hard some of the sessions were before I got pregnant and potentially how hard they are likely to be again and how much further I can go beyond where I got to last time and even that doesn’t phase me (at the moment!)

Next week we’re going outside to do a fitness test. That’s right, doing something outside, in the cold (and knowing the Yorkshire weather probably wet too!) but even that doesn’t bother me, I’m looking forward to it (Someone remind me of this when I’m whinging next week that I’m cold LOL)


But for now, I feel more motivated and more positive about fitness than I have done in about 9 months.


H x

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