Paleo Coffee Cake


When I picked this recipe I thought it was actual coffee & walnut cake, I love coffee cake. I ordered all the ingredients (yes I even went for the coconut yoghurt!) but didn’t notice at no point does it say coffee! I think when it says coffee cake it means a cake you would eat in the morning with a cup of coffee. I don’t really drink coffee but I do love a bit of cinnamon so thought I’d give it a go.

For the topping I used almonds and chopped hazelnuts (hazelnuts are my all time fave nuts!)

The smell of this cooking is delicious.

I had to cover with paper as although I followed all the instructions to the letter after 15 mins it was starting to burn on top so I recommend you keep an eye on it. Honey will always catch!

I have just got it out the oven and let it cool and I have to say it is delicious!!! If you have never made a paleo cake before the texture is quite wet (I think due to the number of eggs/lack of normal flour) so it almost has a stodgy consistency but I really like it.

My 4 year old daughter has just said, and I quote: “Mummy, that cake was yum!” So it must be good šŸ™‚
H x

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