Grip needed…

I had a very different post in my head for today. Today has been a very low point in my journey.

But this YouTube video has given me a bit of a slap round the chops.

Time to change.

H x


“You alright love?”

Well. Been swimming. Was pushing it fairly hard. Intended to swim 600m but 10 lengths in my quads were burning and I was so out of breath it prompted a total stranger to ask me if I was ok.

My response was a rather out of breath “f**cking hell” as I tried to stretch out my quads.

This all worries me. How can I have got so drastically unfit? Gutted beyond belief. It is going to take a fair bit of work to get anywhere vaguely fit

H x

Fitness limbo…

No I don’t mean I am doing limbo. But I am stuck in fitness limbo.

I am at a point where I have gained a lot of weight. I knew I’d put on some during pregnancy but this is something else! I can tell (aside from the obvious numbers on the scales) I have got a cough, Im using my inhalers more, the cough is there for no apparent reason and I am sure it will go as soon as I start getting fitter again. My joints hurt, my knees in particular. My heels also hurt, I’m sure from the pressure of walking to and from school every day. My clothes look rubbish. I feel generally uncomfortable in my own skin and lethargic.

I am consoling myself that whilst I am not hammering my fitness yet (approx 2 more weeks to go) I am swimming 2 -3 times a week and walking every day, which is considerably more exercise than after I had Imogen.

Food wise I am struggling. Not because I don’t want to eat properly but it is timing. When you have a baby who is suffering with reflux and dairy allergy, it is difficult. You end up going for the quick and easy fix. If I have a narrow window of 10 mins to prepare AND eat my lunch I need convenience food, stuff I can just ram in quickly. I have tried to bulk cook at the weekend but I am knackered and it literally means I spend all weekend in the kitchen, when actually I need to be out of the house doing stuff with Imogen and Christopher etc.

I know, and here is the biggy, that I am comfort eating too. This is what is frustrating me the most. I KNOW sugar and crap fats are not the answer, I know they will give me a spike but then I drop quickly, requiring more sugar and crap fats to keep me high, it is a perpetual cycle. I KNOW I’d be better off eating fruit, nuts, seeds etc but christ it is hard to break the cycle. I feel like a drug user, constantly craving that high, knowing it is no good for me but atm the craving is outweighing what I know I should do.

I’m not daft but atm my stress levels are through the roof and this time last year I found eating clean/paleo easy because I was venting my stress by exercising hard in the gym. When I think back to this time last year I was using the squat rack, attempting man push ups, having a bash at Romanian deadlifts, sumo squats with kettlebells, dumbbell thrusters etc that was my way of releasing the stress, the healthy eating then became easy. At the moment I don’t have that level of release. The only thing I am consoling myself if at least by exercising a little bit and eat some clean/paleo meals, I am in a slightly better position than after I had Imogen and I am not getting even worse.

So you see I feel like I am waiting for December, I feel like I am stuck in this limbo and once I start releasing the stress through some proper hard work in terms of my exercise, then the eating will become easier and my reliance on sugar and crap fats will reduce.

Well, that’s what I am hoping will happen!

H x

A bit nervous to be honest…

So last week I had my postnatal check. (8weeks) I was cleared to do gentle exercise such as swimming and walking (good job considering I’ve been doing school run for over a month and had started swimming the week before!) But as predicted strength training is off the cards till at least 12 weeks postpartum.

So feeling like my fitness and eating is way out of control, I contacted Jason my PT to look towards starting again in December, I need to feel like I have a date to get back to it and that I’m not stuck in limbo.

Now throughout my pregnancy and after Alexander’s birth, EVERYONE has been telling me how I’ll get back in to it quickly, how I already know what I am doing so it won’t take long to get back in to the swing of it etc

So why is it after having swam 30 lengths of a 20 m pool yesterday am I now bricking it? Literally every length swum, every stroke, hurt. And today my body feels in tatters, my knees, my ankles, my hips, my shoulders, my neck, literally everything!

I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep & stress of a newborn or what but suddenly getting back to it seems impossible and a long way off. If I can’t even manage a few lengths how on earth will I cope with anything more hardcore?

H x

Slow Cooker Peanut Chicken


Every now and again a recipe comes along that totally rocks my world and becomes my fave recipe that I would happily cook every night for a several weeks. Slow Cooker Peanut Chicken is one of them!

This is not a paleo recipe but it is pretty clean, especially if you use

  • Organic peanut butter which no added crap

This recipe is very very easy and tastes awesome. I didn’t add any salt or pepper at the time of cooking. I don’t think it needs salt as soy sauce is quite salty anyway! I also waited to add ground pepper because my OH doesn’t really like pepper.

I served this with brown rice and vegetables.

It makes enough to serve 6 people, I am going to freeze the extra portions, I can’t see why it wouldn’t freeze.

H x

Paleo Coffee Cake


When I picked this recipe I thought it was actual coffee & walnut cake, I love coffee cake. I ordered all the ingredients (yes I even went for the coconut yoghurt!) but didn’t notice at no point does it say coffee! I think when it says coffee cake it means a cake you would eat in the morning with a cup of coffee. I don’t really drink coffee but I do love a bit of cinnamon so thought I’d give it a go.

For the topping I used almonds and chopped hazelnuts (hazelnuts are my all time fave nuts!)

The smell of this cooking is delicious.

I had to cover with paper as although I followed all the instructions to the letter after 15 mins it was starting to burn on top so I recommend you keep an eye on it. Honey will always catch!

I have just got it out the oven and let it cool and I have to say it is delicious!!! If you have never made a paleo cake before the texture is quite wet (I think due to the number of eggs/lack of normal flour) so it almost has a stodgy consistency but I really like it.

My 4 year old daughter has just said, and I quote: “Mummy, that cake was yum!” So it must be good 🙂
H x