Feeling rage…

Today the following things have royally pissed me off.

1) Going in to the gym shop to try and buy swimwear but discovering they don’t stock your size. FFS fat people need sports attire too! Surely sports shops should be encouraging overweight people to exercise, not putting barriers in the way.

2) People who take their kids swimming at the gym and then dick about, taking up vast amounts of the pool making it impossible to swim.

3) People who congregate at the end of the swimming pool, getting in your way whilst you try to swim. Feck off and go to a coffee shop!

4) “Serious swimmers” at the gym who look at you with disgust when you are going fairly slow. Er hello, Csection 8 weeks ago, I might be overweight but I’m working on it. You love, will always be a cockwomble!

5) Cold showers in the gym that lack water pressure. For the love of god you make a fortune out of membership fees, fix the bastard showers!


H x

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