New beginnings…

Last week (7 weeks postpartum) I attempted my first bit of “exercise” since 31st August (39+4 weeks pregnant). I say “exercise” because I have been walking Imogen to school and back most days and we have been for a walk in the woods etc but this was the first bout of exercise for exercise sake.

I started off with swimming. At 7 weeks post Csection I am no way near ready for the level of exercise I was doing with my PT before I got pregnant.

I thought I’d play it by ear and see how much I felt I could manage. I managed 16 lengths of a 20m pool in 15 mins. It was slow, my joints were stiff, particularly my shoulders, I lacked energy and it just felt bloody hard. But I figured I needed to start somewhere and this is way more than I managed after Imogen (after Imogen was born I didn’t exercise for 3 & 1/2 years, not that I really exercised prior to that!)

Not going to lie the same emotions from April 2013 came back and slapped me in the face. The self-conscious, everyone is looking at me, I don’t belong here feelings. The difference this time is I was able to push them back down, I know I can do this. It won’t be easy or particularly pretty but I know I can push myself beyond what I thought possible, I can push through pain, I can push past the “I can’t” feelings and I am open to trying.

Today I have been for my 2nd swim. My aim today, again was to see how I got on. I swam 20 lengths of a 20m pool and pushed myself a little harder. It took 24 mins (I got a stitch (exercise related transient abdominal pain if you want to give it its proper name!) half way through, how do you deal with a stitch, do you carry on or have a rest, I can never remember!)

I found front crawl and backstroke seem to up my heart rate a lot. That familiar feeling of being so out of breath you think you might vomit or die appeared half way through and after my 20 lengths I was knackered. It concerns me that I am so unfit again. (yes the weight gain and the way I look troubles me, but the fitness troubles me more!) I know it’ll come back but how could I have let myself get back to this?

Tomorrow I have my post-natal check up. If my doc gives me the go ahead to get back on the circuits I’m on it, BUT I suspect she will suggest I leave that till at least 12 weeks postpartum. So realistically I think I’m looking at swimming a few times a week with a view to starting back with my PT after Christmas. Hopefully by then his Lordship will be sleeping better (Alexander, not my PT) and I’ll be in a position to focus. (assuming my PT is ok with this idea!)

It will take me a while to get past the nerves again I think but I am literally gagging to get back to it! Who’d have thought!

So here we go. Here are my starting points (takes a deep breath)


NB: I have debated about putting these pics on but one of the best ways I find to motivate myself is to force myself to take a good look. It is too easy to hide behind an instagram selfie and convince myself I’ve not got a problem (taking a pic from above and adding a filter can do wonders!) but I need to be honest or there is no point, so here it is, my big, massive slap in the face *cringe*


Weight: 15 st 13 (Holy fucking shit!)
Bust: 117 cm
Chest: 112 cm
Waist:126 cm
Hips: 126 cm
Thigh: 65 cm

I’ll update this regularly and see how I’ve got on. Must remember to eat better and drink more water too!

H x



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