Spanish style scrambled eggs

A quick and easy breakfast or lunch. The amount of ingredients you add is entirely up to you and probably dependent on how hungry you are!


More accomplished cooks would probably make this as an omelette but I suck at making omelettes so I make this as scrambled eggs!


  • Eggs
  • Chorizo
  • Onion (I used Echalion Shallots because I find them softer in flavour than normal onions, bigger than shallots and because of their shape easier to chop. Plus they don’t make me cry!)
  • Courgette
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Pepper
  • Fresh ground peppper
  • NB You could probably use whatever veges you have in your fridge!)


  1. Chop your chorizo and gently fry in a frying pan, do this till it is cooked through (I don’t use oil in the pan as the chorizo leaks its own oil which gives the eggs a lovely orange colour)
  2. While the chorizo is cooking chop all your veges.
  3. Once the chorizo is cooked add your veges to your frying pan with the choirzo and cook until your veges are cooked how you like them (this took about 6 mins)
  4. While the veges are cooking whisk your eggs and add freshly ground pepper
  5. Once your veges are cooked add your eggs and scramble over a low heat until they are cooked through.

You could put this in a wholegrain wrap. It wouldn’t be overly paleo but it would be nice as a treat 🙂

H x

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