Great expectations…

So throughout my pregnancy I was told I’d have to try for a natural birth. This was sold to me on the promise that recovery time would be quicker etc. Whilst I didn’t expect to be back smashing circuits, lifting weights, doing burpees etc I did have in my head by now I would be able to go on long walks with the pram and at least start to shift this baby weight.

But a CSection has spannered that. I can deal with leaving it longer to get back in the gym, I’m ok with that. I know I had major surgery and it will take a good few months to be able to be doing sumo squats etc But it is doing my head in not being able to go on walks with the pram.  I look and see other women out pushing their prams, enjoying the fresh air and I feel like I am stuck indoors most of the day (and before you start, sitting in the garden isn’t the same!)

Today the health visitor came to weigh the smallest Stokes. (He is gaining weight and is a right  chunky monkey now!) and we spent a long time talking about how I felt about my failed breastfeeding attempt and how I felt about my fitness etc She said that I need to not be so hard on myself and possibly not have such high expectations and then be down when I don’t meet them.

And that’s the thing. I know she is right, but it is hard. I’m fed up of shop assistants asking me when the baby is due (he’s 4 weeks old!) But more than that I just want to be out and about doing normal things.

H x

4 thoughts on “Great expectations…

  1. You have just single handidly (well apart from the very start bit 😉) created a beautiful human being. Your body has protected him and loved him for 9 months. You have done the most amazing thing a person can ever do – create a new life. 4 weeks is a short amount of time but I fully understand when you want to be back to normal ASAP it feels like forever. Be kind to yourself. You are amazing. Remember that and tell those nosey old shop assistants to do one! Anna x

    1. Thanks hun. It’s driving me mad. Not necessarily the weight (that’ll come off) but not having the mental release of exercise. I’d kill to just go for even a gentle swim.

      H xx

      1. I can understand that. It really does sort your head out at times. Soon though, soon. I (stupidly!) have signed up for a 1/2 marathon in June so I need some of your motivation please! x

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