Don’t push the pram for 6 weeks…

So when you have a CSection you are met with a whole load of post birth restrictions.

  • Don’t drive for 6 weeks
  • Lift nothing heavier than your baby (hilarious given that Alexander was a hefty weight and is packing away his milk like no tomorrow! It’s like having my own personal little kettlebell!)
  • Don’t do too much
  • But equally keep moving
  • Don’t push the pram for 6 weeks

Don’t push the pram for 6 whole weeks. Well tomorrow Alexander is 3 weeks old and I have been pushing the pram and in fact today I pushed the pram to Imogen’s school and back. Whilst I wouldn’t normally advocate going against medical advice, sometimes you just have to play it by ear and judge how you feel (even my midwife said that!)

So having had a few test runs I did the school pick up on my own. Lollipop Lyn commented that I was on my own today and doing well. It felt ok.  I’ve felt knackered since I got back and not exactly sore but I know I did some walking.

What worries me though is how bloody knackered I felt whilst walking. The distance was not far (0.3 miles to school, so just over half a mile round trip) and I wasn’t going particularly fast but I felt overweight, lethargic, slightly out of breath. It got me thinking, at some point I will be getting back in to fitness (not yet, I am nowhere near ready) but it will happen at some point and at the moment the thought bloody terrifies me!

The thought of starting all over again, going through that whole load of pain, emotional and physical that I went through before scares me. At the moment I don’t feel mentally strong enough to do it all again. I am hoping this is 3 weeks post birth, hormones all over the place talking and by the time I’m ready to start again I’ll be in a better head space because at the moment I can not visualise me exercising, ever! I feel like I did back in April 2013, lacking in confidence and self belief.

And I know there will be people reading this thinking “For christ sake woman you’ve only just had a baby..” but it is bothering me, a lot.

H x

2 thoughts on “Don’t push the pram for 6 weeks…

  1. Don’t even think about it yet, just enjoy Alexander and Imogen and your new life as a family of four. Give yourself time to enjoy Christmas and maybe start (slightly) thinking about it in the new year. You’ve done it before so you will be able to do it again but no rush 🙂 x

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