Paleo Gyro Meatballs with Tzatziki sauce

I found this recipe on I have mentioned before that I love Cypriot food and I have seen gyros advertised over there quite a few times but never eaten them.


This recipe is very straightforward and delicious. While normally you would make tzatziki with Greek yoghurt, I am not the biggest fan of yoghurt so was quite pleased to see this uses coconut milk instead, not sure what Cypriots would say about that but it did taste nice!

We ate this meal with fresh veggies and homemade oven baked chips (shock horror I used white potatoes but as a once a week treat they were delish and work well with the gyros!)

I suspect you could freeze the meatballs (either cooked or uncooked) and reheat/cook once thawed. We haven’t tried that though as we ate the lot. Even my 4 year old liked them. (Phew!)
H x

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