If you encounter a heavily pregnant woman in a swimming pool…

23 wks

If you encounter a heavily pregnant woman in a swimming pool I have a plea. I have stepped down a gear now in my fitness, no gym, focussing on yoga and swimming. It is a lot gentler, was definitely needed and I am fine with it.

BUT I am finding one little issue with swimming and that is other swimmers! Now it is pretty obvious I am heavily pregnant and not just fat, I have a gigantic baby bump. I am slow, unsteady and far from agile. Yet other pool users at the gym, insist on swimming extremely close to me, usually using a breaststroke kick, which leaves me having to take evasive action to avoid a kick to the stomach, this is despite there being plenty of room in the pool.

Also they refuse to move out of my way, despite the fact I was in the pool first and I was occupying a space first, this leaves me having to negotiate round them. As stated above I am slow and far from agile, it takes me a lot of effort swim lengths and taking fast evasive action is impossible.

To be fair it would piss me off if I wasn’t pregnant, some people have no idea about pool/gym etiquette but I would be able to move quickly. But being heavily pregnant, with diastasis recti and pelvic pain that is getting worse by the day, it is virtually impossible to move out their way in time.

So my plea is this, if you see a heavily pregnant woman swimming, give her a little space, move aside if pool space is limited because it will be harder for her to make those movements quickly enough for you.

H x

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