Unexpected conversations in the changing rooms…

It is an unwritten rule in the changing rooms that unless you know the person you are stood next to in the changing room, you don’t make eye contact and you certainly don’t engage in conversation. There are substantial amounts of boobs, bums and fanjos knocking about and the main aim is to get showered. dressed and out of there as quick as possible.

That’s why it always freaks me out a little when someone speaks to me. But today was a much welcome conversation (fully clothed I might add!)

My PT session today was hard. For no other reason that Im 32 weeks pregnant, knackered, tired, stiff, slow, hot and feeling like a baby hippo. As I entered the changing rooms I was feeling very weary and very conscious of my beetroot face. But a woman approached me and struck up a conversation.

“How long have you got left to go?” she asked pointing at the bump. “Another 7 long weeks!” I replied. She looked a little shocked and then responded with “Oh wow, I was watching you go through your circuits, that is really impressive that you are still exercising! Have you been exercising all the way through?” I replied that yes pretty much I have apart from those 8 weeks early on when I had to rest up. “That’s excellent, you’re braver than me!” she replied “Good luck!”

And then she went. It was a short, unexpected but very welcome conversation. The main focus of continuing to exercise throughout this pregnancy has always been about fitness, trying to maintain some level of exercise to keep moving etc It has never been about impressing anyone but there was a little part of me that was a tiny bit proud to get recognition from another gym go-er, proud that I have stuck with it and am still trying to stay fit and someone has noticed.

Happy days.

H x

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