Jump leads for pregnant women…

Before Christmas I made this post https://andthatsjustthewarmup.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/act-cool-its-fine-nothing-to-see-here/ about embarrassing/funny things that have happened in the gym.

Yesterday I pulled out another one to add to the list.

For the past few months Jason has had me using resistance bands as part of my circuits.

JumpleadsFor those of you who haven’t encountered resistance bands, they are rubber bands of varying strengths. You use them to work various muscles and they let you do some strength training but in my case without over stretching it. I like to think they are like jump leads (esp when using the red and black ones!). You can use them anywhere and I have been using them since my pelvis really started to hurt.

And so far I have used them without incident, until yesterday. Yesterday I hooked the green band around my feet and started to do some side steps. 1st circuit, fine. 2nd circuit 5 steps in and the band snapped. Now the tension on that band meant it pinged back and hit me in the face at high speed!

After the initial shock, I then thought “oh my god, I just broke the band, how much does it cost to replace?” then “Wow maybe I am really strong!” then my thought was “Oh my god I really hope no one saw that!” If anyone had been videoing, the could have easily got £250 from you’ve been framed!

Now I think back, it was hysterical! I wasn’t injured and it was just another moment to add to my embarrassing gym moments list.

The moral of the story, always check your equipment before you use it!

H x


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