Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve be struggling for snacks at the moment that aren’t fruit based, during pregnancy fruit gives me massive amounts of heartburn and indigestions. I then end up reaching for sugary sweet snacks, which is not great.

So I thought I’d have a go at a bit of paleo/clean baking. These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are delicious! When I looked at the ingredients I was very skeptical that the results would taste nice, but they really do taste yummy. They are maybe a little bit more cakey than biscuity but they taste so good it doesn’t really matter.


The recipe is an absolute doddle. I wouldn’t bother getting your food mixer out as the batter mixes very easily by hand. Also try and use really top quality dark chocolate chips so that you get the full benefit! I found that there was possibly too many chocolate chips for the amount of batter, I reckon you could halve the amount of chocolate chips, but that might be a personal preference.

Oh and if you have a fan oven I’d maybe reduce the temperature slightly as mine were slightly overdone (I find this a lot with paleo/clean baking!)

My only other tip is when you put them on the baking tray, press them down with a spatula just so you get a flatter biscuit.


H x


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