I’ve got the hump…

I’ve got the hump. Big style.  (and I don’t just mean a pregnancy hump!)

I posted last week about having to cancel a PT session because of my stupid pelvis and having a day off work to give my pelvis a rest. Well it did some good. I went back to work Thursday, I was a bit sore but nothing like Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to Yoga and the instructor gave me some special exercises to try and help. All good. Friday was not so good, lots of pain again.

Had my PT session Saturday and Jason changed things to accommodate my rubbish pelvis. He’s introduced resistance bands. The session felt good, I felt surprisingly puffed out and sweaty. But most importantly for a few hours after my pelvis felt the best it has felt in ages.

So why have I got the hump? Because I am feeling like I am slowly loosing all my fitness. I’m starting to get puffed out on the stairs at work and my thighs are starting to get sore if I try and climb 3+ flights of stairs! I feel knackered in general. This annoys me. This is how I felt before I started working with Jason, I’ve not had this feeling in a long time and it feels like I am back at square one.

When I am not feeling hormonal I know that a) I probably haven’t gone back to square one and b) I am lugging a bambino, uterus and a shed load of fluid about.

But tonight I feel cross. Which is daft. I know there are a shed load of people who would give both arms to be pregnant and for whatever reason are not. I knew what getting pregnant meant, I knew certain things would change and yet here I am pissed off. Pissed off that I’ve worked hard to get myself fitter and healthier but still feel like shit, in fact I’d argue I’m finding this pregnancy a billion times harder physically and mentally than last time. And then I feel like shit for feeling like this!

So for now the only thing I can do is try and eat better (I’ve got lots of healthy meals planned for this week!) and keep trying to exercise what I can within the limits of what my body can now tolerate. I just hope I snap out of this mood soon.

H x

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