My uncensored opinion on meal replacement diets

Love this honest post!
I have tried so many different things Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimming tablets, Slimfast, hypnotism. Not been down the herbalife/juice plus route but I see plenty of people on my facebook who have. I have spent the last year working with a personal trainer and eating clean. Eating clean coupled with proper exercise meant I lost 4st and was able to get pregnant again but more than that my skin improved, less bloating, less headaches and I always feel full! Reading about meal replacement schemes make me cringe. It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t easy, I’ve had to really change my whole beliefs to food and exercise but it isn’t rocket science. Eat well, exercise. Simple.

H x

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Before I start. This isn’t an article for sensitive people, or people who can’t handle the truth. So if that’s you – don’t bother reading any further. If you want to learn something cool and take away some new information, keep reading. Okay here we go then!

Take a look at the healthy meals in the photo above. On the left is a Herbalife healthy meal and on the right is my own healthy meal. Now, I’m not sure about you but I sure as hell would choose the food over the powder. Here’s the thing – yes, I have very strong opinions on meal replacement diets (of which you are going to read in this article) but I’m not writing this to rant and rave, but rather to lay down the bare facts about what meal replacement diets actually do to your body and your mind when it comes…

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