This week my pelvis has been giving me gip. Not helped by a 12 hour day at school Monday which included 3 hours sat on the most uncomfortable chairs known to the world.

Yesterday I struggled on at work, took my stability ball to sit on but felt horrendous, so after a rubbish nights sleep I decided I needed a rest and had to stay home from work.

This of course meant cancelling my gym session too. (to be honest I’ve had a couple of nosebleeds and headaches too so was probably for the best) but I find cancelling so frustrating. Mainly because mentally I feel able to go, physically I’m being let down by my body. It’s taken years to get my mind round to the idea of enjoying exercise and finally I love it and I can’t do it!  I get why, I get that I need to play it by ear and listen to my body etc but ARGH!

I was so determined to stay exercising this time, the complete opposite to last time. It is doing my head in.
H x

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