Burlesque corsets

2 years ago my friend decided to have a themed night out for her birthday. The theme she chose was “Burlesque”. I was totally horrified at this choice of theme. The idea of going out in a corset and tutu filled me with dread.

I spent hours scouring the internet and finally bought a steel boned corset and vowed to wear leggings under my tutu (no one wants to see my thighs!)

Having a had a few disasters with getting the right size and having to buy a size 22 corset (!) I finally got my outfit sorted. I had to get my OH to lace me in to said corset but I was pleased with the result, flattest stomach I’d had in years and boobs pushed up gave me  a great cleavage!


At the end of the night I vowed that actually maybe I could get used to wearing a corset all the time, I mean Victorians and Edwardian women used to, so why not? I could wear it to work and not have to worry about what I was eating!

In fact a few weeks later the corset got another outing for a staff night out. This time with a skirt instead of a tutu. IMG_5155

I could barely eat my dinner that corset was laced so tightly but I thought, no this could defo be a winner. If I lace it tight enough maybe that would discourage me from eating too (what a dangerous thought!), win/win situation.

A few weeks later I ordered another corset to wear under a dress to my brother in laws wedding. A corset was the only way I was going to get this dress to zip up. I have never been as uncomfortable in my life!

IMG_5156 IMG_5157

At this point in my life I had actually given up hope of shifting the weight and had decided disguising it was my best hope. I even thought lacing a corset tight enough would stop me eating. I cringe at myself when I think about it!

I look at those pics above and whilst the corsets gave me a waist I had been missing for so long, looking at my arms and face, not just the weight but the puffiness and general unhealthy look of me I realise now that it was never going to be a sensible solution.

A year after that wedding I had shifted quite a bit of weight. I managed to get that dress on, without a corset and without struggling with the zip! What surprises me about the picture below is not just the obvious weight loss but how I just generally look healthier, my skin looks healthier, I don’t look puffy.


Now at the moment a growing baby means I wont get that dress on, but it is there in my wardrobe waiting for after the birth when I want to use it to measure my weight loss. But I will also be looking at my skin to see if I actually look healthy!

I suppose the point of this post is I saw a corset as a quick fix. I saw it as a way of looking slimmer without doing the work. BUT what I know now is that a pulled in waist isn’t the only measure of being fit and healthy. My skin seems to say a lot about how healthy I am, I can look for signs, colour, puffiness etc My waist is one thing but arms and face say a lot about me too.

I hear people talking all the time about what crazy diet they are trying and I know it won’t last because what they are trying is not healthy or sustainable. I know more than most that there is no quick fix, no shortcuts. The only way to be fit and healthy is good nutrition and exercise. It is what the doctors have been saying for years. It isn’t easy (if it was we wouldn’t have an issue!) but it gives you so much more that a slimmer waist. Yes you get weight loss but healthy skin, not getting out of breath, more energy, more focus, more zest for life (sorry that sounds cheesy but it is true!) Corsets don’t give you that, they just give you bruised hips!


H x





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