What am I doing this for?

Today I had a PT session. I’ll be honest I have been struggling with the gym for 2 reasons

  1. I am easily frustrated that I can’t do the sorts of things I was doing before and although I get hot and sweaty (way too hot and sweaty!) I don’t feel challenged, I feel like I’m slacking off (even though I know I am not!)
  2. Everything feels really bloody hard! Even the simplest of things feel hard, I feel like I weigh 1 billion stone!

But Sunday I struggled because my stomach muscles were giving me grief, they hurt and for once I listened to my body and stopped.

So today Jason made some adaptations again.

We kept the wall squats in with the stability ball, had a bash at pushups which although hard in terms of my weight felt more comfortable today, stayed with the TRX pull ups but then the bent over rows were sat on the ball. Not gonna lie, sitting on a stability ball when you are pregnant and uncomfortable is the MOST blissful thing in the world, I feel like I could tackle anything sat on that ball!

Did some bicep curls, as well as working rotator cuff too.

It got me thinking, why am I still working in the gym? A number of people have said this is my chance to sit back, put my feet up and eat cake.

But this is more than just about staying fit during this pregnancy (even if it isn’t as fit as I would like!) this is about post-birth and long term.

After I had Imogen my arms struggled, the weight of lugging a baby about (those Maxi-Cosi car seats weight a ton!), trying to hold her to feed her was horrific. My arms would ache and sometimes even shake. I want to try and maintain some degree of fitness with regards to my arms to avoid that!


Secondly, after I had Imogen I didn’t want to go out, I lacked confidence to be out and about with her and I know some of that would have been down to how I felt about myself. I know that I have gained far too much weight again but if I can keep going as long as possible with the gym, it’ll make picking it back up post birth a “bit” easier. Although,  I am under no illusion those first few months are going to hurt, like the first few months did this time last year! But hopefully I will at least have some confidence to get out there.

So whilst I am probably eating too much cake, I don’t feel this is a time I can/want to put my feet up, not yet anyway.

H x

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