Samosa Breakfast Hash

Breakfasts are always a bit of a trauma in my house. Usually because we wake up late and I struggle to have the time to make clean/paleo breakfasts.

Last night Imogen woke at about 3.30am with a bit of a nightmare and having got her to sleep I was struggling to nod off. Turns out this is a great time to check facebook as lots of American Paleo bloggers/authors etc post then.

I stumbled across this recipe for Samosa Breakfast Hash. I am a huge fan of samosas anyway and chillies are a big pregnancy craving for me so I was determined to get up and give this a go today.


The actual samosa hash I have divided in to portions to freeze so during the week I’ll only need to poach some eggs to go on top.

This recipe is spicy and hot. It tastes exactly like samosa filling! I had to make it with minced beef, I struggle to find minced chicken in Barnsley (I really need to buy a mincer attachment for my food processor!) But it was still delicious! I reckon you could try any organic minced meat.

This is a described as a breakfast and for clean/paleo eaters eating meat and chillies etc first thing won’t phase you, but if you are new to this way of eating it might be a bit full on, but this would work well as a lunch too!

If you like spicy food this is definitely worth a go.


H x

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