Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve be struggling for snacks at the moment that aren’t fruit based, during pregnancy fruit gives me massive amounts of heartburn and indigestions. I then end up reaching for sugary sweet snacks, which is not great.

So I thought I’d have a go at a bit of paleo/clean baking. These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are delicious! When I looked at the ingredients I was very skeptical that the results would taste nice, but they really do taste yummy. They are maybe a little bit more cakey than biscuity but they taste so good it doesn’t really matter.


The recipe is an absolute doddle. I wouldn’t bother getting your food mixer out as the batter mixes very easily by hand. Also try and use really top quality dark chocolate chips so that you get the full benefit! I found that there was possibly too many chocolate chips for the amount of batter, I reckon you could halve the amount of chocolate chips, but that might be a personal preference.

Oh and if you have a fan oven I’d maybe reduce the temperature slightly as mine were slightly overdone (I find this a lot with paleo/clean baking!)

My only other tip is when you put them on the baking tray, press them down with a spatula just so you get a flatter biscuit.


H x



Grilled Steak with Chimichurri

Steak with Chimichurri
Steak with Chimichurri

This recipe is very simple and very quick to make.

It serves 4.

It is clean, fresh and tasty.

I made it with sirloin steak for 2 reasons. 1) I couldn’t find skirt steak in my local supermarket 2) Judging by the description skirt sounds a bit fatty and I was trying to keep this lower fat.

You can make your chimichurri hotter by adding more jalapeños. (it has just taken me 10 mins to work out how to type ñ!)



H x

In your condition…

Sometimes I forget how much my attitude to fitness, particularly pregnancy fitness has changed and I forget that not everyone in the world has moved on with me.

Today I encountered that immortal phrase “In your condition”.

I’d turned up at the gym and in my baby brain state had forgotten my water bottle. No matter I thought, I’ll buy a bottle of mineral water in the gym. Only problem was they had completely run out. As I pondered what to do and just thought I’d have to use the water fountain as I needed to, the woman behind the counter took one look at me and said “ooh would you like a glass of iced tap water, I just think in your condition I don’t want you going without water!” Bless her. The sentiment was sweet, she was just looking out for me & my well being. But it did make me chuckle. I’ve not heard my pregnancy described as a condition before. There was almost a slight undertone of ‘what on earth are you doing here?’ but she wasn’t going to vocalise that out loud. Never the less I was delighted with ice cold water, ice being a top craving at the moment.

So I started my warm up with Jason and I have to admit I was feeling a little stiff, but that eventually loosened off and it was all good. We had a little discussion about the photo of me at about 20 weeks pregnant with a barbell. No one has directly outright commented to me about that picture in a very negative way, but it has been a source of surprise for some people.


The conversation usually centres around “ooh is that safe? Should you be doing that, in your condition? I thought pregnant women shouldn’t lift/exercise/move off the sofa? Are you insane? Why don’t you just put your feet up? You shouldn’t worry about your weight/exercise/fitness until after the birth! 9 months on, 9 months off”.

If I am honest, these would all have been questions/statements in my head last time I was pregnant and even at the start of this pregnancy! It has taken a few months for me to get comfortable with the idea that it is ok to exercise whilst pregnant and as long as you are careful, there is no reason why you can’t get hot, sweaty and puffed out. Yes there are adjustments you need to make, amount of weight, type of exercise (laying on your back is out!), not over stretching etc and yes you have to consider how much exercise you were doing before but there is no reason why you can’t exercise, if your medical practitioners are happy for you to do so and your pregnancy is “normal” (whatever that means!)

Yet it still surprises me when I am getting changed and I catch women eyeing me up and down suspiciously. You can almost see them wondering a) what I am doing there b) why I am not just using the pool c) is it in the T&Cs for the gym that pregnant women are allowed through the door.

It also still surprises me when big hairy menfolk at the gym give you a bemused look. The best ones are those who outright stare, and then when you catch their eye look away sheepishly.

In a way I wish people would ask me straight out, it riles me that they will go on thinking I am the one in the wrong. It isn’t their fault. It is the media and a lack of knowledge/incorrect knowledge. I just want to set them straight and say “it’s ok in my condition to exercise”.

Oh and if anyone reading this is in doubt, have a look at this research from the University of Montreal, this is just one example of the benefits!http://www.edmontonjournal.com/health/Exercise+during+pregnancy+give+newborn+brain+development+head/9149635/story.html


I am just helping to grow a genius!

H x

I’ve got the hump…

I’ve got the hump. Big style.  (and I don’t just mean a pregnancy hump!)

I posted last week about having to cancel a PT session because of my stupid pelvis and having a day off work to give my pelvis a rest. Well it did some good. I went back to work Thursday, I was a bit sore but nothing like Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to Yoga and the instructor gave me some special exercises to try and help. All good. Friday was not so good, lots of pain again.

Had my PT session Saturday and Jason changed things to accommodate my rubbish pelvis. He’s introduced resistance bands. The session felt good, I felt surprisingly puffed out and sweaty. But most importantly for a few hours after my pelvis felt the best it has felt in ages.

So why have I got the hump? Because I am feeling like I am slowly loosing all my fitness. I’m starting to get puffed out on the stairs at work and my thighs are starting to get sore if I try and climb 3+ flights of stairs! I feel knackered in general. This annoys me. This is how I felt before I started working with Jason, I’ve not had this feeling in a long time and it feels like I am back at square one.

When I am not feeling hormonal I know that a) I probably haven’t gone back to square one and b) I am lugging a bambino, uterus and a shed load of fluid about.

But tonight I feel cross. Which is daft. I know there are a shed load of people who would give both arms to be pregnant and for whatever reason are not. I knew what getting pregnant meant, I knew certain things would change and yet here I am pissed off. Pissed off that I’ve worked hard to get myself fitter and healthier but still feel like shit, in fact I’d argue I’m finding this pregnancy a billion times harder physically and mentally than last time. And then I feel like shit for feeling like this!

So for now the only thing I can do is try and eat better (I’ve got lots of healthy meals planned for this week!) and keep trying to exercise what I can within the limits of what my body can now tolerate. I just hope I snap out of this mood soon.

H x

My uncensored opinion on meal replacement diets

Love this honest post!
I have tried so many different things Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slimming tablets, Slimfast, hypnotism. Not been down the herbalife/juice plus route but I see plenty of people on my facebook who have. I have spent the last year working with a personal trainer and eating clean. Eating clean coupled with proper exercise meant I lost 4st and was able to get pregnant again but more than that my skin improved, less bloating, less headaches and I always feel full! Reading about meal replacement schemes make me cringe. It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t easy, I’ve had to really change my whole beliefs to food and exercise but it isn’t rocket science. Eat well, exercise. Simple.

H x

Be the change you want to see in the world...


Before I start. This isn’t an article for sensitive people, or people who can’t handle the truth. So if that’s you – don’t bother reading any further. If you want to learn something cool and take away some new information, keep reading. Okay here we go then!

Take a look at the healthy meals in the photo above. On the left is a Herbalife healthy meal and on the right is my own healthy meal. Now, I’m not sure about you but I sure as hell would choose the food over the powder. Here’s the thing – yes, I have very strong opinions on meal replacement diets (of which you are going to read in this article) but I’m not writing this to rant and rave, but rather to lay down the bare facts about what meal replacement diets actually do to your body and your mind when it comes…

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This week my pelvis has been giving me gip. Not helped by a 12 hour day at school Monday which included 3 hours sat on the most uncomfortable chairs known to the world.

Yesterday I struggled on at work, took my stability ball to sit on but felt horrendous, so after a rubbish nights sleep I decided I needed a rest and had to stay home from work.

This of course meant cancelling my gym session too. (to be honest I’ve had a couple of nosebleeds and headaches too so was probably for the best) but I find cancelling so frustrating. Mainly because mentally I feel able to go, physically I’m being let down by my body. It’s taken years to get my mind round to the idea of enjoying exercise and finally I love it and I can’t do it!  I get why, I get that I need to play it by ear and listen to my body etc but ARGH!

I was so determined to stay exercising this time, the complete opposite to last time. It is doing my head in.
H x

Burlesque corsets

2 years ago my friend decided to have a themed night out for her birthday. The theme she chose was “Burlesque”. I was totally horrified at this choice of theme. The idea of going out in a corset and tutu filled me with dread.

I spent hours scouring the internet and finally bought a steel boned corset and vowed to wear leggings under my tutu (no one wants to see my thighs!)

Having a had a few disasters with getting the right size and having to buy a size 22 corset (!) I finally got my outfit sorted. I had to get my OH to lace me in to said corset but I was pleased with the result, flattest stomach I’d had in years and boobs pushed up gave me  a great cleavage!


At the end of the night I vowed that actually maybe I could get used to wearing a corset all the time, I mean Victorians and Edwardian women used to, so why not? I could wear it to work and not have to worry about what I was eating!

In fact a few weeks later the corset got another outing for a staff night out. This time with a skirt instead of a tutu. IMG_5155

I could barely eat my dinner that corset was laced so tightly but I thought, no this could defo be a winner. If I lace it tight enough maybe that would discourage me from eating too (what a dangerous thought!), win/win situation.

A few weeks later I ordered another corset to wear under a dress to my brother in laws wedding. A corset was the only way I was going to get this dress to zip up. I have never been as uncomfortable in my life!

IMG_5156 IMG_5157

At this point in my life I had actually given up hope of shifting the weight and had decided disguising it was my best hope. I even thought lacing a corset tight enough would stop me eating. I cringe at myself when I think about it!

I look at those pics above and whilst the corsets gave me a waist I had been missing for so long, looking at my arms and face, not just the weight but the puffiness and general unhealthy look of me I realise now that it was never going to be a sensible solution.

A year after that wedding I had shifted quite a bit of weight. I managed to get that dress on, without a corset and without struggling with the zip! What surprises me about the picture below is not just the obvious weight loss but how I just generally look healthier, my skin looks healthier, I don’t look puffy.


Now at the moment a growing baby means I wont get that dress on, but it is there in my wardrobe waiting for after the birth when I want to use it to measure my weight loss. But I will also be looking at my skin to see if I actually look healthy!

I suppose the point of this post is I saw a corset as a quick fix. I saw it as a way of looking slimmer without doing the work. BUT what I know now is that a pulled in waist isn’t the only measure of being fit and healthy. My skin seems to say a lot about how healthy I am, I can look for signs, colour, puffiness etc My waist is one thing but arms and face say a lot about me too.

I hear people talking all the time about what crazy diet they are trying and I know it won’t last because what they are trying is not healthy or sustainable. I know more than most that there is no quick fix, no shortcuts. The only way to be fit and healthy is good nutrition and exercise. It is what the doctors have been saying for years. It isn’t easy (if it was we wouldn’t have an issue!) but it gives you so much more that a slimmer waist. Yes you get weight loss but healthy skin, not getting out of breath, more energy, more focus, more zest for life (sorry that sounds cheesy but it is true!) Corsets don’t give you that, they just give you bruised hips!


H x





What am I doing this for?

Today I had a PT session. I’ll be honest I have been struggling with the gym for 2 reasons

  1. I am easily frustrated that I can’t do the sorts of things I was doing before and although I get hot and sweaty (way too hot and sweaty!) I don’t feel challenged, I feel like I’m slacking off (even though I know I am not!)
  2. Everything feels really bloody hard! Even the simplest of things feel hard, I feel like I weigh 1 billion stone!

But Sunday I struggled because my stomach muscles were giving me grief, they hurt and for once I listened to my body and stopped.

So today Jason made some adaptations again.

We kept the wall squats in with the stability ball, had a bash at pushups which although hard in terms of my weight felt more comfortable today, stayed with the TRX pull ups but then the bent over rows were sat on the ball. Not gonna lie, sitting on a stability ball when you are pregnant and uncomfortable is the MOST blissful thing in the world, I feel like I could tackle anything sat on that ball!

Did some bicep curls, as well as working rotator cuff too.

It got me thinking, why am I still working in the gym? A number of people have said this is my chance to sit back, put my feet up and eat cake.

But this is more than just about staying fit during this pregnancy (even if it isn’t as fit as I would like!) this is about post-birth and long term.

After I had Imogen my arms struggled, the weight of lugging a baby about (those Maxi-Cosi car seats weight a ton!), trying to hold her to feed her was horrific. My arms would ache and sometimes even shake. I want to try and maintain some degree of fitness with regards to my arms to avoid that!


Secondly, after I had Imogen I didn’t want to go out, I lacked confidence to be out and about with her and I know some of that would have been down to how I felt about myself. I know that I have gained far too much weight again but if I can keep going as long as possible with the gym, it’ll make picking it back up post birth a “bit” easier. Although,  I am under no illusion those first few months are going to hurt, like the first few months did this time last year! But hopefully I will at least have some confidence to get out there.

So whilst I am probably eating too much cake, I don’t feel this is a time I can/want to put my feet up, not yet anyway.

H x

Samosa Breakfast Hash

Breakfasts are always a bit of a trauma in my house. Usually because we wake up late and I struggle to have the time to make clean/paleo breakfasts.

Last night Imogen woke at about 3.30am with a bit of a nightmare and having got her to sleep I was struggling to nod off. Turns out this is a great time to check facebook as lots of American Paleo bloggers/authors etc post then.

I stumbled across this recipe for Samosa Breakfast Hash. I am a huge fan of samosas anyway and chillies are a big pregnancy craving for me so I was determined to get up and give this a go today.



The actual samosa hash I have divided in to portions to freeze so during the week I’ll only need to poach some eggs to go on top.

This recipe is spicy and hot. It tastes exactly like samosa filling! I had to make it with minced beef, I struggle to find minced chicken in Barnsley (I really need to buy a mincer attachment for my food processor!) But it was still delicious! I reckon you could try any organic minced meat.

This is a described as a breakfast and for clean/paleo eaters eating meat and chillies etc first thing won’t phase you, but if you are new to this way of eating it might be a bit full on, but this would work well as a lunch too!

If you like spicy food this is definitely worth a go.


H x

Maybe, just maybe I am losing that mentality of a fat bird?

Tonight we had to drop down a little what I am working on. For the past few weeks I have been deadlifting and doing weighted squats. But I have had a little bout of pelvic pain and the time had come to change gear again, better to be safe than sorry and all that.

“Do you feel like you are working hard?” was the question I was asked by my personal trainer tonight.

My response shocked me a little, in fact I was surprised it even came out of my mouth. Me, partially reformed fat bird said:

“Well that is a strange question to answer. On the one hand I feel hot, sweaty and out of breath so I know I am doing something, but it feels frustrating because it isn’t pushing me anywhere near what I had built myself up to in the last year. It is frustrating me!”

This time last year I’d have done anything to get out of doing burpees or weighted squats. Now though I am actively missing them. I’d kill to get in the squat rack, I’d give both arms to do some kettlebell burpees (although that might be tricky with no arms!) I want to be challenged, I want to push myself beyond my self-imposed limits, I want to get out of my comfort zone. I feel agitated.

At the moment the feeling I have is the same as when you have been away on holiday for 2 weeks, had a bloody good time and you land back at Manchester Airport and back to reality. You know you will go away again but it feels a bloody long way off.

And I know for the time being this is how it is, being sensible, doing what my body will be allow me to, being safe etc But I am seriously thinking about that time post birth and how it will feel to get back up to where I was at Christmas and beyond.

I never, ever, thought I’d feel like that. I think I’ve got the fitness bug!

H x