Be careful lifting that sewing machine…

Yesterday was my birthday. A pretty uneventful day to be fair. But my husband gave me a sewing machine (rock and roll I know!)

As he has a broken shoulder he couldn’t really move it. So I had to lift it.


2 things surprised me about me lifting this sewing machine.

1) I went straight in to a deadlift without even thinking about it. Got in a position I knew would be comfortable, hip hinge, looking at a point on the floor and lifted that sewing machine without even batting an eye lid!

2) The husband warned me to be careful. I asked him how much he thought it weighed (his guess was 5kg) but I pointed out to him that the day before I’d deadlifted a 16kg kettlebell so the sewing machine felt like a doddle.  I’m pretty sure this time last year 16kg would have been beyond me and I’d have thought the sewing machine was heavy and a pregnant woman shouldn’t lift it. But my perceptions have changed. I wouldn’t lift mega heavy stuff (I’m not totally silly!) but I am not scared of lifting a little bit of weight.

The other thing I noticed in the gym this week was there was 2 young lads cleaning the mirrors on the walls. They were making a right faff of doing it, I’ve never heard so much whinging. (I didn’t dare do my rear delt flys with my backside against the mirror, thought they wouldn’t be too impressed!) But I did notice them giving me some funny glances, as if the sight of a pregnant woman lifting a kettlebell was the most bizarre thing they had ever seen. I guess it isn’t very common. At that point, I felt a little bit smug.

H x



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