I think I have issues…

Just recently I have begun to hate the way I look again. I’ve not had this feeling in about 9 mths. It is creeping back and I don’t like it one bit.

Baby bump I can cope with. I knew that my stomach would get bigger and I’m ok with that.

What I didn’t bank on was how I’d feel about my arms, thighs, arse and face getting fatter. People keep telling me that it’s a normal part of pregnancy to gain weight and to some degree I know this. But equally I know that my exercise levels have gone down (as they have to) and my healthy eating is no way near what it should be.

It’s not helped by the last few weeks having a husband with a broken shoulder and me having a lot of GCSE work to mark. Unfortunately I’ve had to mark in the evenings and with Christopher out of action it’s crap food that is filling the gaps ATM. I’m hoping the workload will shrink a bit this week and certainly by 14th may it will be done for y11, so things in theory should be a lot easier.

That said I am finding I’m becoming very critical of the way I look (bloody mirrors in the gym do not help!) and I’m sure it’s not healthy!

Anyway in a bid to boost my self esteem which is rock bottom ATM I got Christopher to take a bump pic but this time with my top rolled up, just to prove to myself it’s not all bad.

Arms, thighs, arse and face, well they’ll need some work. But for now I need to carry on exercising and try and eat a bit better.

H x


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