Tears, kettlebells and bumps that get in the way.

I’ve talked before about how  all this fitness/gym malarky helps to take my mind off work and boy today did I need it!

I am up to my eyes in marking year 11 controlled assessments (for those of you who aren’t teachers, that is a big 40 hour project they have to complete). Safe to say they haven’t done overly well and I am VERY stressed about it. So when I got to the gym and Jason asked me a question about how work was going I nearly lost it (I am very emotional atm and my hormones are all over the place), he was very lucky I didn’t have a full scale breakdown! Fortunately once I got the warm up out the way I was able to focus on the circuits and it really did take my mind off. I got a good 30 mins of focus and not thinking about work, phew!

Then he reintroduced the goblet squat but with 8kg. I’ve not done a goblet squat in AGES and last time was with a 16kg kettlebell. So at first I was thinking “ugh 8kg thats a bit light” but tbf 8kg was about right. I found I was noticing my abs, not painful, just acutely aware that I was working them. I don’t think I’d have been happy going up to 12kg.

Towards the end of the session we tried another thing with an 8kg kettlebell (for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called, another symptom of pregnancy = forgetfulness!) but you have the kettlebell in front of you and pull it up so your elbows are sightly above your shoulders. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get this movement right, not because I can’t do it but because the bump is sufficiently big it meant I was having to bring my shoulders forward to get the kettlebell past the bump!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the first exercise that I can;t now do, not because the weight is an issue but because the bump is in the way! I fear this is just the beginning.
Tomorrow I am off to antenatal yoga. This will offer me something different to what I do with Jason, but primarily I am hoping it will help me relax and prepare for labour.

20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!

H x



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