Baby bumps and barbells

Today has been mainly about my baby bump and barbells. Today I had my 20 week scan. I am actually 19+5wks.



The scan went well. The baby has all the right bits and pieces, it was very wriggly, so much it took the sonographer ages to get all the measurements and we even saw the baby having a drink (which was a bit freaky!).

So with the scan out the way, I had a gym session with my PT. I’m feeling quite comfortable with what I am doing now and not as nervous about doing a little bit of work with weights. I am finding that I am getting hotter and more out of breath as the weeks tick by BUT thinking back I am still at a better level of fitness than I was this time last year. The weights aren’t as heavy as I was lifting before Christmas but they are more than enough for now.



I am particularly enjoying squats with a weighted barbell. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am doing them BUT they feel natural again.

This time last year I didn’t anticipate doing weights at all, let alone doing any while I was pregnant. It has opened my eyes a little in to how much I wrapped myself in cotton wool last time I was pregnant.

H x

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