Labour Vs the hardest set of circuits I’ve ever done

So I’ve been thinking a lot about childbirth recently. It is playing on my mind that in approximately 21 weeks I’ll be going through labour. Last time I was in labour, it didn’t go so well. In fact it was pretty vile. I ended up with a CSection and I was told I’d have to have another CSection this time.

Well no, apparently the rules have changed and I’ve got to give a natural birth a go again. Not going to lie, I am petrified. I’m petrified of the pain, I’m petrified of not being able to do it, I am petrified that I am not fit enough to get through it and that mentally I am not up to it.

And it got me thinking, a few months ago I posted this

I remember this session vividly. It is still etched on my brain. I still feel uneasy about this particular session. The circuits on this session hurt me mentally. Physically they hurt of course but it is not the physically pain I remember. Just like in labour & childbirth you forget the physical pain, that is now a distant memory. But the mental pain is not as easy to let go of.

I’ve come to the conclusion that childbirth is a physical battle and a mental battle, not unlike training sessions at the gym. I just need to figure out how I can show the same mental resilience in labour that I did in the gym back in November.

During that session something made me keep going. I am not sure what and there were a number of times I nearly didn’t but something must have made me keep going. I wish I knew what it was. Because at the moment, not unlike half way through that session, I can’t see a way through.

The only thing I can focus on is trying to keep as fit as possible in the vague hope it might help in someway.

But nothing hurts as much as burpees right?
H x



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