Fitness & the C-Section Overhang…

Now don’t get me wrong, I have NEVER been one of those girls with a flat toned stomach. Even at 16 when I was probably at my slimmest I had a tummy on me. Low, slung hipster trousers were not designed for me.

And over the years as my weight racked up, I’d given up hope of having a toned stomach. When I had a C-Section with Imogen I can remember a friend saying, “that’s it, you’ll never get a flat stomach again!” at the time I laughed it off and said “but I never have had one” but it did bother me.

When I started the personal training, I didn’t hold out much hope of getting a flat stomach but I thought I’d be happy enough to shift some weight, tone my arms and legs etc. But I have to say, just before Christmas when I was at my lowest weight and slimmest I’ve looked in years, I did notice that I was beginning to lose the overhang! My stomach was beginning to tone up! I didn’t think it was possible but I was starting to notice it in myself. The crunch came when I went for a night out in mid-December and didn’t need to wear ‘fat pants’ or suck my stomach in.

No fat pants here
No fat pants here

Then I got pregnant and went and spannered it all up.

But I now have hope. Hope that it is possible to get rid of the C-Section overhang and hope that I will one day have a flat(ish) stomach.

H x


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