Maternity fitness wear…

You may remember a few weeks ago I was getting a tad irate at the lack of maternity fitness wear available in the UK. My biggest problem was finding ‘over the bump’ joggers as the few stockists I found seemed to only stock under the bump. As someone who had a CSection last time I can’t stand things that sit where my scar is.

So after scouring the Internet I found a site called Noppies. Noppies stock lots of different maternity wear but most importantly they do stock a small range of fitness wear. That includes over the bump joggers.

I purchased these ones 

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 18.48.35


They took about 3 working days to arrive (I think they came from Denmark).  After another gym session where my bump tried to make a bid for freedom and show everyone my stretch marks these joggers have arrived at just the right time! I picked them up from the courier depot and took them straight home to try on. They fit like an absolute dream they are so comfy and the bump band goes right over my bump and sits where the bottom of my sports bra is. Perfect!

I also wanted a top that was long enough to cover the bump and a bit longer so that it wouldn’t ride up. So I ordered this

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 19.02.45


This is a good price for a top. It feels lovely and soft and is long enough. Just be careful, I thought I’d ordered black but ordered navy, which doesn’t look ideal with black joggers but I CBA to return it!
I can’t wait to get back in the gym and try these 2 items out but I’m happy, for now!


H x

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