Fear of a kettlebell


Here is me with a picture of my favourite purple kettlebell (20kg). Before I got pregnant I was sumo deadlifting 2 of these bad boys. That is right, little old me can sumo deadlift 40kg and not die!

Now being preggers kind of hampers my sumo deadlifting a bit (BTW with my massive baby bump and fat thighs atm I do actually look like a sumo!). The general advice from midwives/doctors is “If you’re pregnant, don’t lift heavy things!”

But there is a lot of advice out there (various fitness geeks on the Internet, pregnancy apps, my PT) that say actually if you are used to lifting that you can still lift, ok maybe not as heavy but you can still do some as long as you are having a “normal” pregnancy (and your healthcare professionals deem you fit to) I certainly wouldn’t fancy doing lifting without my PT, it’s nice to know you are doing things properly.

The last session we tried the 12kg and 16kg with no problems and to be honest I didn’t feel like the 16kg was particularly challenging me. Yet when Jason said I was going to try the 20kg kettlebell I freaked out a little. I don’t know why. I suspect it is because the general NHS advice seems to be don’t lift when pregnant and last time I avoided EVERYTHING.

I am used to having mental battles with myself over EVERYTHING in the gym at some point. Burpees, pushups, squat rack, you name it at some point I’ve probably freaked but this is different. With those things I feared pain or being tired or feeling nauseous etc I feared how they would make ME feel. But today was different. Today I didn’t fear my own personal uncomfortableness, I feared for the baby. I didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardise the baby.

I’ve said before I trust my trainer and what he tells me I know he won’t get me to do anything I can’t do. I also know that he’s told me I need listen to my own body and as soon as anything doesn’t feel right to say and we’ll stop it. The rational part of my brain knows and understands all that. The hormonal, over-emotional, unhinged pregnant woman part of my brain struggled to reconcile that.

TBF I did it and it felt fine. It felt nice to feel a bit more challenged but not so challenged that I was concerned. So I think 20kg is about right atm (although I am wondering how I ever lifted 40kg!)

As well as my fear of the kettlebell I also struggled with heat today. I’ve felt very hot all day even at work and the gym made me really hot. We had to take a slightly extended break before the last circuit by standing outside in the stairwell as that was cooler. Felt like a right numpty.

All in all its been a funny old day fitness wise. Afterwards, I was a bit over-emotional and had a little cry in the shower haha #loser and I’ve felt a bit teary this evening too. Think I need to focus on the other part of health & fitness, sleep!

H x

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