Maternity Sportswear…

Ok this post could turn in to a bit of a rant.

There is no doubt about it that I am pregnant. At 16 weeks (tomorrow) my baby bump is gigantic, so gigantic I have been asked numerous times if I am having twins (rude), if I’m measuring big (even ruder!)


So in addition to having to buy maternity clothes, my gym clothes are now becoming an issue. Technically the joggers and tops still fit BUT as an ex-fat-bird, one of the problems you encounter when your stomach is large and round is that joggers roll down and tops ride up, thus exposing your massive, stretch marked covered tummy to the world! (I’d like to apologise to everyone in the gym who caught sight of my tummy this evening!)

Now all joking aside, whilst I wouldn’t go out in a crop top and hotpants, I am not particularly bothered if anyone is offended by my stomach, it is what it is. I’ve lived with a fat, stretch marked covered tummy for long enough not to be bothered. BUT it isn’t particularly comfortable to have to keep pulling your joggers up and your top down.

I have been eyeing up maternity sportswear for a while BUT I think now the time has come to make a purchase and here is where my rant will start:

1) It is nearly impossible to find maternity sports wear on the high street. I have tried a number of “sports wear” shops and when I have approached the sales assistants, they have looked at me like I am bonkers! I mean, why on earth would a pregnant woman want to exercise?

2) Online retailers seem to stop at size 16, some even stop at size 14. Because overweight pregnant women wouldn’t want to exercise right?? WRONG! Now I am a size 16 BUT it annoys me that they don’t stock larger!

3) There is lots of stuff on American websites BUT the UK is severely lacking.

4) I hate under the bump maternity joggers. I like my bump well and truly tucked in, minimising the risk of it revealing itself! But trying to find over the bump joggers is like trying to find rocking horse poo!

5) Maternity sports tops are just not long enough. If I’m squatting, deadlifting, doing TRX rows, pushups etc I do not want my top riding up and with a big tummy that is likely, longer tops needed!

6) Retailers are obsessed with trying to sell me “yoga pants” or “capri pants”. I detest both of these. Yoga pants, great for yoga BUT useless in the gym, the legs are too wide and I can’t be doing with flappy trousers in the gym, plus I trip over wide legged trousers. Capri pants, great if you can be arsed to shave your legs before each gym session, but I seriously CBA with that! TMI maybe but seriously who has time to sort their leg hair multiple times a week!?

7) Decent maternity sportswear COSTS A BLOODY FORTUNE! Seriously I am just about to order some over the bump but not yoga pants joggers, but its £50 for the privilege! £50 for something I will wear for a small amount of time.

Honestly I am having a right meltdown over maternity sportswear for the gym! I might even set my own online business up to cater for overweight pregnant fitness freaks!

H x

PS I really want this top but can’t find it in the UK, sad times!

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